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Course Title:

Structural Steel Drafting


Montreal Technical College
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Course format: Classroom

Training Program/Course Description:

"Apply the methods and techniques required for the preparation of structural steel drawings used in the construction industry.
The steel industry. Manufacturing of steel. Properties and nomenclature of steel. Methods of erection of different structural steel elements. Basic concepts related to the design of simple structural members and the relationship between architectural and structural steel drawings within specific types of projects. Connections: rivets, bolts and welding. Specifications, standards, source of information’s, use of handbooks. Columns, beams, trusses, open web joists. CAD course. ..."

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change. Please consult the school directly for latest update. Please email the webmaster directly for any editorial issues.

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School Address/Venue(s):

5490 Royalmount
Suite 204
Montreal, QC
H4P 1H7

About Montreal Technical College:

Montreal Technical College is a non subsidized, private college, recognized by the Ministère de L’Éducation du Loisir et du Sport since 1967, offering education in Architectural Techniques for the past forty-two years. The college is also well known in the construction industry, particularly in the domain of civil engineering.

The common goal of quality training shared by teachers and administration, as well as teacher availability maintained over the years, are equally responsible for the implementation and success of the Architectural Program. Another essential element to our success is an optimal balance of both theoretical and practical courses. Our training provides the student with the versatility necessary to work in a variety of positions.

The Architectural Program was developed with the intention of offering a balance of both theory and practical training. It focuses on learning through a project approach. The program includes several, pertinent projects which not only allow the student to apply acquired skills in the field of preparing details related to construction, but also provides the necessary competencies for immediate entry into the construction industry.

The teaching faculty of the college is comprised uniquely of seasoned professionals, architects, civil and mechanical engineers, and land surveyors rated among the best in their respective fields. Their educational background is paired with a wealth of experience on the job market.

The college offers students a computerized environment that is on the cutting edge of new technology. Employers reflect the quality of our program through numerous job offers.

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