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Course Title:

Butchering and Meat Cuttings
(Certificate) (Associate Degree)


eSynergy International
Imus, Philippines, Philippines

Course format: Blended
Teacher/Instructor: Tesda Certified and Industry Experienced Trainers
Term: 1-2 mos
Seats: 5-10
Fee: P24000

Training Program/Course Description:

"1. Slaughtering/Abattoir Operations NC II Tesda Course
(TESDA Registration no - WTR 0904A-022437)
This course is designed to equip individuals with operational knowledge, skills and attitudes in slaughter/abattoir operations. It deals with all the processes involved in slaughtering cattle and or pig on the process used overseas as well as in large companies in the country.

2. Meat Cutting/Butchering Course
This is an intensive one month 200 hour meat cutting/ butchering course for those who want to work as grocery butcher/meat cutter or those who had taken the NC II-in Slaughtering/Abattoir course and wants to further learn butchering in order to be highly qualified abroad. It includes international techniques in primal, barrel and retail cuts, and de-boning. Limited to only 3 students for the AM class and 3 students for the PM class.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change. Please consult the school directly for latest update. Please email the webmaster directly for any editorial issues.

Please go to the school's official website for training price and schedule:

Phone:63-46 471-2683

School Address/Venue(s):

2nd floor Abacast Travel bldg.
Nueno Ave. Imus Cavite (nr. Lotus Mall and Waltermart Imus)

About eSynergy International:

eSynergy International is one of the very FEW training Institution in the Philippines with a Meat technology Center patterned after the Canadian And Australian Models which provides high quality training and skills for Meat Cutting and Butchering. Students are trained in the scientific and international techniques of meat cutting, using tools and equipment and environment similar to the ones used abroad.

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